K-water rated ‘A’, the highest grade in the organizational evaluation of records management by the Ministry of Public Administration and Security

K-water has been rated ‘A’, the highest grade of 97 points in the 2022 evaluation of records management conducted by the Ministry of Environment and the National Archives of Korea. The evaluation has been conducted on public organizations each year since 2007 to enhance public organizations’ record management capacity and encourage them to improve their record management. The evaluation has been conducted once every two years according to types of organizations since 2021. In 2022, 231 organizations including governmental agencies, and municipal, provincial, and district offices of education received the evaluation. K-water received a full score in ‘records management infrastructure’, and ‘implementation of records management tasks’, which are key indicators of the evaluation, while also obtaining high scores in the selective indicators owing to its performance and advanced capability in record management. K-water was recognized particularly high for the launch and operation of the Water Book Platform on which professional information is collected from home and abroad to be made available to citizens.


K-water and Pohang City sign MOU for the construction of Hangsa Dam

On January 26, 2023, K-water and Pohang City signed an MOU on the reasonable use, development and management of water resources in the Naengcheon Basin and Shin Gwangcheon Basin. The MOU was formed based on a deep consensus that the two organizations reached on the need for Pohang City to resolve water disaster responses including the construction of Hangsa Dam in the climate change era.
Under the MOU, the two parties will work closely together through technology exchanges in the area of water resources for reuse, development and management of water resources in the Naengcheon Basin and Shin Gwangcheon Basin, including Hangsa Dam in the city.
Under the MOU, K-water will capitalize on its extensive experiences and technology on water resources development, and create sustainable and safe urban spaces in response to climate change, thus contributing to ensuring safety for Pohang citizens.


〈The Waterway of Hope Leading to a Future of Transformation〉 book publishing

K-water published a book entitled “The Waterway of Hope Leading to a Future of Transformation” to introduce, in layman terms in Korean, K-water’s responses to climate change and its future transformation strategies to help South Korea take a leap forward to the next level. The book compiled with participation from K-water employees, K-study participants, the Future Strategy Department and Public Relations Department describes the history of K-water and the future steps to take as Korea’s No. 1 water management corporation that has shared the history of South Korea’s economic development by developing water resources, effectivley managing water, and fulfilling its mission mandated by the country and citizens throughout different phases of South Korea’s economic growth.
The book consists of four key themes as follows: △the Footsteps of K-water, a public organization leading national growth; △World’s top, new management for a new future in the new normal era; △27 signature achievements attributed to 7,000 K-water employees through challenges and innovations; and △10 future tasks on the agenda for overcoming the climate crisis and ensuring sustainable growth. It is the first book published by K-water that is available at major book stores nationwide and online shops.