New value of water and changes we make together

At a ceremony held at KINTEX 2nd Exhibition Hall in Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do, ‘2023 World Water Day’ was celebrated on March 22, 2023. The UN has designated March 22 as ‘World Water Day’ to raise awareness of the importance of water and urge countries worldwide to promote an interest in and cooperation for resolution of water issues. S. Korea has been celebrating World Water Day since 1995 to remind people of different values that water creates and to have a role in contributing to global efforts.
S. Korea has chosen the theme of ‘Changes We Make Together Create a Wave of New Opportunities’ which means all parties including the government, corporations and citizens need to work together to make changes for actively coping with water crisis resulting from climate change and creating new values of water.
In attendance at the ceremony was Prime Minister Han Duck-soo, Environment Minister Han Wha-jin, Administrator of Korea Meteorological Administration Yoo Hee-dong, National Water Committee Co-Chairman Bae Deok-hyo from the private sector, K-water Vice President Gyeong-yoon Jeong, and Korea Water and Waste Water Works Association President Kang Gi-jung, among others. The event was streamed live on YouTube.

K-water runs a promotional pavilion and a joint corporation pavilion

‘The 20th Water Korea 2023’ was held at the KINTEX 2nd Exhibition Hall from March 21 to 23, 2023. The largest water industry exhibition in S. Korea marking its 20th anniversary was attended by more than 200 water-related companies in honor of ‘World Water Day.’
The government agencies, municipalities and water-related corporations concerned participated in the exhibition, which is held each year to foster the Korean water market and promote the development of water-related technology. K-water displayed models of its digital twin system, green hydrogen and hydrothermal energy at its promotional pavilion, and held events including the VR experience, AR demonstration and Finding Bangwoori.
Also, K-water ran a joint corporate pavilion to promote technologies of small and medium-sized companies in partnership with it, and 22 companies joined the pavilion, including the Overseas Market Development Group, U.S. CES Innovation Award-winning companies, partnering start-ups, ultra-pure water companies and seawater desalination companies.
The exhibition includes concurrent events, such as consultations on latest products and technologies, seminars and workshops where major water companies from S. Korea and other countries actively participated.

  • Han Duck-soo
    Prime Minister
    Assistant Manager

    “Supplying clean drinking water, preventing water management disasters, and fostering water industry will be the three pillars of the future government projects.”

  • Bae Deok-hyo
    National Water Committee Co-Chairman
    Assistant Manager

    from the private sector “We’ll provide support and improve regulations to foster water industry and help our companies gain competitive edge in the global water market.”

  • Woo A-yeong
    K-water Works Management Office Assistant Manager

    “K-water will use smart technology to respond to climate change and provide citizens with best-quality water services.”

  • Kim Myeong-ki
    Assistant Manager

    “I think the event has helped us promote our product that integrates a strainer, a plant pipe filtering device and IoT.”

※ K-water partnering start-ups