Global Business

K-water is expanding its overseas business in the full water management cycle including water resources, water supply, energy and urban water services.

Resolve global water issues throughout the full cycle of water management

K-water has achieved remarkable growth over the past 30 years in its overseas business including Official Development Assistance(ODA) and investment projects, based on the water management technology and experiences it has accumulated over the last 50 years. It has carried out more than 130 projects in over 40 countries, staying actively involved in resolving water issues around the world. In Afghanistan and Iraq, K-water has enabled these countries to secure energy by building and operating small hydroelectric power plants. In Mongolia and Peru, it worked to address drinking water shortages by improving their water supply systems, while in Cambodia and Pakistan, it participated in the construction of dams to resolve urgent problems including power shortages and flood prevention.
As a result, K-water now has emerged as a global water company leading international cooperation in the field of water services and management. Specifically, it launched the Asia Water Council(AWC) as part of its efforts to respond to water issues in Asia in 2016, and is leading a global water agenda by cooperating with 27 countries, various international organizations and three major MDBs(Multilateral Development Bank) through the Asia National Assembly Water Consultative Board(AAWC).
Building upon these experiences from various global projects, K-water promotes the value of global shared growth, and helps create a better and sustainable future for both Koreans and people worldwide. K-water is accelerating its efforts to lead global cooperation throughout the full cycle of water management including water resources, water supply and energy and to improve global water wellbeing.

Bird’s eye view of Tina Dam on the Solomon Islands

Support overseas expansion of Korea’s water industry via a global cooperation platform

K-water has raised its global profile, and maximized the effects of overseas projects by expanding international cooperation. In this regard, it plans to capitalize on a global cooperation platform to better support overseas expansion of Korea’s water industry, with a focus on supports for private sector exports and global projects to respond to the climate crisis.
In 2023, K-water will work on overseas projects worth KRW 1.7 trillion, including a metropolitan water supply project in Karian, Indonesia, Tina River Hydropower Development Project on the Solomon Islands, and a hydroelectric power project in Georgia.
In the mid- to long-term, K-water plans to carry out 14 new projects to increase green industry exports, including pumped storage power generation in Uzbekistan and Australia, and to promote new green industry exports, including tidal power generation, seawater desalination, ultra-pure water and green hydrogen.
In addition, K-water will further expand the G2G network of its regional head offices in the U.S., France, Malaysia and Uzbekistan to support the private sector’s green exports, adopt the Green Transition Initiative(GTI) as a global cooperation forum, and develop·implement green ODA projects by operating an international environmental cooperation center.

  • The Patrind Dam Construction Project in Pakistan(Nov. 2016)
  • The signing ceremony for the joint Patrind Hydroelectric Power Development Project(April 30, 2009)
PMC invitation training for improvement of water quality monitoring capacity to achieve SDG6(Aug. 18 ~ Sept. 6, 2022)
Building the foundation for green industry exports

In keeping with government policy, K-water is working on building the foundation for green industry exports. A case in point in the metropolitan water supply project in Karian, Indonesia. Jakarta is a mega city with a population of approximately 10 million, but the city’s tap water supply ratio goes as low as 62%. Water shortages and excessive groundwater intake were causing ground subsidence and salt damages.
Based on G2G cooperation between S. Korea and Indonesia, K-water has been involved in the ‘Karian Metropolitan Water Supply Project’ to ensure a stable supply of tap water and resolve environmental problems by addressing the root of the problems. The project aims to supply approximately 400,000 tons of purified water per day to three municipalities including Jakarta, using Karian Dam as the source.
K-water has been involved in this public-private partnership(PPP) project from the initial design stage with a feasibility test of the construction, which is considered a benchmark case of a joint green industry export project of K-water and domestic companies. K-water will implement the prerequisites of the enforcement agreement including EPC, start water supply services in October 2025, and operate the facility for the following 30 years.
In addition, K-water successfully sold CERs(418,000 tons) worth KRW 12.6 billion through the Patrind hydroelectric power project in Pakistan, which is its first large-scale CER sale. Recently, it is actively responding to the new climate regime by conducting ODA projects on behalf of the Ministry of Environment and new renewable energy projects in the domains of water resources, water supply and sewage systems, and climate change.
Building upon these experiences, it will use its core technologies on water resources, water supply, energy and urban life to diversify green business models, thereby ramping up the exports of domestic water corporations.

The groundbreaking ceremony for Tina River Hydroelectric Power Development Project on the Solomon Islands(Nov. 2022)