K-water’s outdoor billboards touch the hearts of people

Large billboards are everywhere across the city. The short catchphrases and friendly designs on billboards easily catch citizens’ attention. A billboard is installed on K-water Headquarters building too. The billboard with a heart-warming phrase and image has been there since 2016 to get across a message of hope and inspiration to people who are tired from the daily grind.
The board which is replaced by a new one each season contains a short message of around 30 characters that are carefully thought out to make people pause from their busy daily lives, and have a brief moment of healing. The text and design of the board has constantly evolved to deliver its messages more effectively.
Last year, K-water started to invite citizens to share their ideas on the phrase to be displayed on the board as part of its ESG management. The purpose of the change is designed to use the board as a tool to form an emotional bond with citizens. For the past year, the board has been filled with creative and heart-warming messages thanks to much interest and participation from citizens. The messages have become more diversified in topic and content and reinforced with people’s sentiment. Three of the messages submitted by citizens have been displayed on the board over the past year. This year, the Nakdonggang River Basin Headquarters and Busan Branch have installed a billboard. More river basin headquarters will introduce the billboard with a touching message as a communication channel with citizens.

Myeong-ae Gong, local resident

‘Snow falls from the highest place and hope rises from the deepest place.’

I get to see the board almost every day because it is right across my shop. When the seasons change, I find myself wondering what the new message and design will be, and I look at the billboard every morning. When things are less busy at the shop, I step out for some fresh air and the first thing that catches my attention is the board. The message on the board comforts my heart on a busy day, and I find the energy to stay positive for the whole day. My customers and other business owners in the neighborhood say the board is pretty and lightens up the ambience in the area. I would be thankful if K-water continues to work on the billboard.

  • Ji-yeong Kim, elementary school teacher

    ‘You are my joy just the way you are.’

    I get to see the billboard on my way to and from work. It invokes adolescent innocence and brings back childhood memories to adults. In a sense, it is like a landmark that makes Wadong better and more beautiful. Although the message on the board is not about water at all, K-water cares about it, which gives citizens the impression that K-water is serious about creating ESG values that matter in this day and age. Since anyone can participate in making the board, the students and teachers at my school can probably submit their entries in the next contest. I hope one of us gets selected as the winner, so we can see the message displayed on the board. My students said it is pretty and they like it. I hope the board remains a landmark in Wadong for many years to come!

  • Yeong-ok Lee, local resident and amateur writer

    ‘When I open my heart, the sky comes into my gaze. The flowers and winds become my friends.’

    Earlier this year, I served as a citizen member of the jurist panel for selecting the board’s copy. Although it is a short phrase, the copy on K-water’s board offers citizens an opportunity to talk about the changing seasons and feel the changing times, and has a large cultural and emotional impact and synergy effects. It was such an honor to be part of the selection process and I realized once again that a simple touching phrase can comfort our souls and boost moral. I hope the board remains as something heart-warming to people.

  • Yong-gyu Kim, general manager, Legal Affairs Team, K-water

    ‘Water runs with hope in it no matter what life brings to you.’

    I think reading a book is like searching for a sentence that touches your heart. In that sense, the K-water billboard is like reading a book. I am particularly interested in the board, and often submit my entries in the contest. I tend to come up with a phrase for the copy as if I were creating a message of hope and consolation as a present to myself. When heavy rainfalls caused a flood in August 2020, I volunteered to help the flood victims. That’s when I thought of the phrase, ‘When the sounds of autumn get louder, the salt flowers blooming on your forehead add to a wave of happiness”, which was selected as the final winner. I was so honored that my work can touch the hearts of others like how the messages on the board have given me hope. And I also thought I would exert more sweat to help others.