‘A meeting with corporations to support exports of the green industry’ and other activities to expand global business

K-water acts as a catalyst to foster the green industry and support global business expansion of the water industry. As part of such efforts, K-water had a meeting with experts in different fields of export and over 50 representatives, with 38 of them from green industry exporters to support green industry exports on May 23 at the Westin Josun Seoul.
At the meeting, K-water as a public water manager, explained various support programs it is currently implementing to promote overseas expansion of Korean water companies as part of its efforts to actively carry out government policies including increasing support for green industry exports to boost the economy, while also exploring effective support methods through close communication. Earlier from May 15 to 20, K-water sent its green industry export support team to Indonesia and Malaysia to review the global water industry cooperation network to help domestic water corporations win overseas orders and increase their exports.


K-water signs a business agreement with Naver

On May 24, K-water and Naver Corp. concluded a business agreement on expanding the application of Naver Cloud and Naver Labs, and digital twin technology in water management at Naver’s 1784, its headquarters in Seongnam, Gyeonggi-do. The ‘Digital twin’ re-creates actual weather events or structures on a virtual model as a practical twin to support decision-making in reality by conducting simulations including analysis, prediction and optimization, based on various datasets. K-water is currently using this technology to cope with the growing complexity and uncertainty in water management with climate change accelerating. The agreement was formed to expand the scope of digital twin technology application in water management and to develop more cutting-edge digital twins. Under the agreement, K-water expects to further raise the efficiency and safety of its water management against droughts, floods and other water disasters that occur more frequently than before due to climate change by developing an advanced digital twin-based water management solution.


K-water Wins KIPO Commissioner’s Award on the 58th anniversary of Invention Day

K-water won the Commissioner’s Award of Korea Intellectual Property Office (KIPO) at the ‘ceremony marking the 58thanniversary of Invention Day’ on May 12 at COEX in Seoul. Each year, KIPO recognizes individuals and groups with awards who have contributed to the industrial development of S. Korea with their inventions on the occasion of Invention Day. K-water won the award to recognize its efforts in creating a virtuous cycle of intellectual property including superior technology development, technology transfers and commercialization, while also improving technological competitiveness and supporting the innovation and growth of the national water industry. K-water has applied for 1,451 patents/ intellectual property rights and owns 1,020 proprietary technologies since it submitted its first patent application on ‘the method of manufacturing insulating bricks using alum sludge from a water treatment plant as main material’ in 1994. Moreover, K-water has been transferring its IPRs including patents and utility models to private corporations to support their development of innovative technology and products since 2013. In addition, it also offers test beds to demonstrate and test new technologies to water-related companies, including other various supports to facilitate the development of new superior technology and help find buyers under its ‘SME Technology Development Support Program’.


‘The Cyber Threat Scenario Contest’ for Undergraduate-Graduate Students in Chungcheong

K-water’s ‘Cyber Threat Scenario Contest’ will continue until July 31 and undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in colleges in the Chungcheong area are eligible to submit their entries. The contest which is intended to create an opportunity to nurture information security manpower in the region and better tackle cyber threats that are constantly evolving is held concurrently with the ‘2023 Chungcheong Cyber Security Conference’ scheduled for September and hosted jointly by K-water, National Intelligence Service, Chungcheongnam-do Provincial Government, Korea Western Power Co., Korea Midland Power Co., the Korea National Railway, Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information, the Korea Health Industry Development Institute, and the Korea Institute of Information Security and Cryptology. Entries will be received in five areas including water resources, railway, power generation, super computer and bio. Individuals or teams of three people or less can submit an entry. To apply, download the application form in Nuri House (ccsc2023.kr), fill it out and send it with the consent form on collection and use of personal information and a cyber threat response scenario via email (ccsc2023@kisti.re.kr). The winners will be announced on September 1.


‘2023 Youth Startup Launch Package Information Session’

On May 12, K-water hosted an information session on ‘2023 Youth Startup Launch Package’ for 23 companies that have business items with high growth potential at Ramada Daejeon in Yuseong-gu, Daejeon and signed agreements. The information session was intended for the companies that participated in the ‘2023 Youth Startup Launch Package Support Program’ that K-water designed to create an ecosystem for innovative startups in the water industry and to promote the growth and stabilization of promising startups. The event was attended by representatives of 23 companies in seven areas including machinery & materials, IT and energy & resources. At the event, K-water talked about follow-up investment attraction and entry into the public procurement market by participating companies, and various specialized programs including the K-test bed demonstration support system. K-water plans to accompany Korean water companies to pursue overseas market research and exports for global market expansion and marketing scale-up programs, while also helping innovative companies contribute to green exports through support programs.


K-water holds a meeting with hydrothermal companies

On May 26, K-water held ‘a meeting with hydrothermal companies’ at its Daejeon Headquarters building. The meeting was held to listen to voices of the industry and work out ways to support the industry with the aim of boosting industrial development of hydrothermal energy, an eco-friendly clean energy and raising its competitiveness for global expansion.
At the meeting, K-water shared the progress on its hydrothermal projects and cases of hydrothermal system introduction, and discussed specific and practical methods of providing supports to promote R&D of innovative technology and products, explore new markets and promote overseas business expansion. It was the first meeting that has brought together public and private sectors with a common goal to invigorate the hydrothermal industry ecosystem. K-water will offer a regular forum for communication with corporations and collect opinions from the field to effectively support technology development.