‘Suple’, K-water employee ambassadors

‘An employenecer’ is a portmanteau that combines employee and influencer, referring to an employee who is actively involved in promoting the corporate image and branding of his/ her own company. These employencers from across the country work together to choose the target items for promotion, create content, and deliver messages to consumers in a friendly and trustworthy manner.
‘Suple’, K-water employee ambassadors perform exactly the same role. Suple means K-water employencers and K-water launched this campaign this year to create content about fun and interesting topics from employees’ perspectives and communicate more closely with people.
Suple 2023 selection took place in May. A total 18 employees made the final list in a contest which was open to all employees. They will directly participate in the entire process of publicity campaigns from planning to implementation and promotion for five months to raise public awareness of K-water.

Suple lead publicity campaigns

Suple 2023 kicked off by having a meeting to share their ideas. On May 23, the Suple 2023 kick-off meeting was held at the K-water HR Development Institute. They shared their opinions on the Suple operation plan and key publicity direction, worked out themes for activities to share with their team members and discussed specific activities.
They offered various opinions including using the K-water character ‘Bangwoori’ to create content that is easily accessible to citizens and make controversial content in collaboration with other corporations. The three key themes for publicity tasks they identified at the meeting are the ‘50th anniversary of Soyanggang River Dam’, communication with ‘future generations campaign’ and ‘intra-company campaign’.
Suple 2023 will play a leading role in designing and implementing a variety of publicity campaigns to ensure that all these key themes are successfully promoted. Suple are expected to help enhance the sense of pride among K-water employees who are at the center of publicity efforts and directly involved in the efforts, and to get one step closer to people via the employencer-led campaigns.

  • Dong-min Byeon
    manager, Soyanggang River Dam Office

    “Publicity is like the whole body of K-water. The feet walk with people. The hands deliver warmth. The face carries the sweat of passion and a smile. Through Suple activities, I will try my best to make sure that the body of K-water looks healthier.”

  • Hae-seong Lee
    assistant manager, Daecheong Dam Office

    “I am so excited to be a member of Suple 2023. I will do my best to help people know more about K-water and what we do.”

  • Jeong-hyeon Yu
    assistant manager, Sihwa Environment Management Department

    “I am proud to be an employee ambassador who represents K-water. I will be passionate and dedicated as I perform my duties as a member of Suple!”