Launch of ‘K-water Inno-WAVE’ Working-Level Group

On July 19, K-water launched ‘K-water Inno-WAVE’, a working-level group for enterprise innovation to protect citizens from water-related disasters and relieve financial burdens for people. The working-level group which will operate for three months will fulfill K-water’s fundamental roles of water management in response to the changing circumstances of the water management business, namely the exacerbating climate crisis, flood disasters and severe droughts, and the growing water demand from high-tech industries, in addition to seeking ways to contribute to the growth of the national economy through water industry innovation in cooperation with local communities and private sector. K-water. In this context, K-water will make it the top priority to alleviate the burden for citizens and corporations, and concentrate all its enterprise resources on developing and implementing innovation tasks.


Increase in Drinking Water Production to Proactively Respond to Disasters in Southern Region

K-water opened an eco-friendly bottled tap water production plant at the Deokjeong Water Purification Plant in Jangheung, Jeollanam-do Province, and started operations on July 21. The plant is the first facility built in this region to respond to disasters around the basins of Yeongsangang and Seomjingang Rivers in a timely manner. The plant is capable of producing up to 15,000 bottles of 1.8L tap water per day, while the production system can easily switch to smaller 400ml bottles, in which case up to 50,000 bottles can be produced a day. The air shower room has been set up at the entrance of the plant, and the hot water washing system has been introduced to clean the supply pipes, improving hygiene and quality. In addition, the entire production process has been automated by rolling out an automated empty bottle-placing system and automated box-wrapping machines to make the work environment safe.


Declared a ‘Pass Grade’ on the Results of the Modernization Project in Hongseong, Yeongdeok, Gangjin, Gochang, Namehae and Yeongdong

As of July 26, K-water has passed the evaluation of the local waterworks modernization project for six local municipalities since the start of the year. Onsite evaluation is conducted on the facilities when the one-year performance guarantee period is over after the construction of the facilities is completed. The final results of the evaluation are announced after a review by K-water and the Wastewater Works Association. Starting with Hongseong-gun with the water revenue rate increasing by 32.5%p to 89.1% in April, the water revenue rate of Yeongdeok-gun rose by 55%p to 92.1% in June, followed by Gangjin-gun standing at 94.5% (up by 29.7%p), Gochang-gun at 92.6% (up by 37.4%p), Namhae-gun at 85.8% (up by 54.3%p) and Yeongdong-gun at 90.1% (up by 41.8%p), all of which are the highest water revenue rates in July. K-water’s local waterworks modernization project will help reduce water leak rates, and ensure a stable supply of tap water for citizens.


K-water Forms an MOU on Reconstruction in Ukraine - Quick Follow-Up to State Visit to Poland

On July 26 (local time), K-water and UHE (Ukrhydroenergo), a public hydropower dam management agency of Ukraine signed an MOU in Liverpool, UK. The deal was concluded as a follow-up to the reconstruction project in Ukraine discussed previously by Korea’s delegation on the economic mission to Poland during the state visit in July. K-water as a delegation member discussed bilateral cooperation with Poland including the restoration of the Nova Kakhovka dam. The MOU signing ceremony was attended by Ukrainian lawmakers and the vice president of UHE, among others. The two sides substantiated ways to cooperate for the previously discussed restoration project, and concluded an MOU to expedite implementation measures. In addition, K-water will further expand cooperation with Ukraine by providing humanitarian support in the area of water resources and completing the restoration project successfully and promptly.


K-water Communication Camp for Scholarship Student Recipients

K-water held the ‘K-water Scholarship Communication Camp from July 28 to 29 at its HR Development Center. The ‘K-water Scholarship’ is a future manpower development project launched to support youths in regions where K-water is operating dams and other businesses. Under the scholarship program, K-water provides up to KRW 2.5 million to over 200 middle and high school students each year as well as individual mentoring, special lectures on career development and counseling for college-bound students. Under the slogan, ‘Bet on Me’, the communication camp which was attended by over 60 scholarship recipients provides a variety of programs designed to build teamwork and a consensus among the participants, namely special lectures, career counseling and a play.


K-water Awarded Grand Prize for ESG Management at the 12th Asia LOHAS Industrial Exhibition

On July 29, K-water was awarded the grand prize in the ESG management category at the 12th Asia LOHAS Industrial Exhibition in validating the international recognition of K-water’s support for water-related companies and contribution to the innovation and growth of the water industry by capitalizing on its intellectual property rights, including open sharing of its intellectual property rights and supporting small and medium-sized companies to improve their ESG management competency. K-water also participated in the World Invention Creativity Olympic concurrently held during the exhibition from July 27 to 28, and operated a promotional booth displaying K-water’s proprietary inventions and SME support programs, in addition to the technology and products of its partner companies, with the aim of building a global buyers’ network.